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Cant believe I forgot about my 500+ :)

Thought Id join up and say hello, I came accross an Amiga Marketing video on youtube the other day which led me too watching a few classic game compilations followed by searching a few forums.

I was bought a 500+ for my 10th or 11th birthday and remember playing it until my hands had blisters on them from over enthusiasm with the joystick lol.

Before this we had an Atari, Spectrum, 2 Dragons and my favourite a C64- I remember playing kickstart ALLOT lol

Well I picked up my Amiga yesterdayfrom my parents house and it all looks to be in good shape, no controllers although a quick search of ebay has proved they can be picked up cheaply and replicas can be had new for £10

Im hoping to introduce my 2 young children to some classic platform games i.e RoboCod, Fire+Ice, New Zeland Story, Captain Planet, Lemmings etc and hopefully will give them an idea how to play the PS2/Wii a little better.

I bought the PS2 7years ago and have probably used it for 10 hours or so, but gaming doesnt seem the same anymore, I cant stand the "virtual" games of today. (This must make me sound really old but im only 30 lol)

Ah well, I just need to find somewhere to install the Amiga now
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