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Originally Posted by Ed Cruse View Post
The reason is you want the aspect ratio of the Amiga display to measure with a tape measaure 4:3. With full screen, filters on and setting themselves automatically, WinUAE always stretches Amiga display to full size of what ever the windows resolution mode is. Then the monitor will stretch what ever windows display mode to full monitor size. If you disable Aspect-Ratio then the Amiga display will fill the entire monitor screen. If you have a 5:4 monitor and measure the Amiga display with a tape measure it will have an aspect ratio 5:4, everything will be stretched. If you selct 5:4 Aspect-Ratio then the display will be squished down vertically and the measured aspect ratio will be 4:3.

You have to make the distinction between pixel aspect ratio and physical aspect ratio, the physcial aspect ratio of the Amiga display is what really counts.
I was talking mainly about Windows, not Amiga. You say the screenshots were stretched on your display (that is, first three stretched, fourth kinda-round), that should not happen, 5:4 or no 5:4.

And I'm well aware of the pixel aspect ratio, actually, that's what I wrote in my post too, only in different words. 5:4 and 4:3 will display the screenshots under Windows exacly the same because their pixel ratio is the same. For WinUAE and Amiga display, the physical ratio is different and that's why we have to compensate with KAR 5:4. I stated it all. But mostly I was talking about the screenshots and your talking about them being not the same on a 5:4 monitor under Windows, which is not true.

By the way, Toni, what about the black borders?
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