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Nothing major, this one, but I have realised that recently there have been more people who quote multiple posts but do a seperate reply for each one, which leads to two, three or even more successive posts from the same member, when it is totally unnecessary to do so. I know plenty of people use the multiquote feature, so (obviously) multiple posts can be quoted in one reply, but it seems that there also many members who aren't aware of this feature, or don't know how to use it properly. So for these people here's how you use it:

Click on the multiquote button next to the ordinary "quote" button:

This will highlight it. Now do the same for every post you wish to quote, then hit "Post reply", and all the posts you clicked the multiquote button for should come up in the reply box.

Simple as that. I have to say I've been getting a little fed up by the number of multiple posts I've seen recently, I'm sure people have noticed I've been merging more posts recently but if they're all in one post it's easier to read and follow and doesn't clog the thread up as much.

I do realise that sometimes there are good reasons for making multiple posts and I understand that and won't touch them, but the majority of them are just short, simple replies to posts that could all easily go in one post so if more members could make the effort to use the feature properly then that would be very helpful After all that's what it's there for! No-one will get in trouble if they don't but it will preserve my sanity and that can only be a good thing

Thanks for reading and I'm sure you all think I'm nuts but there you go
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