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I was thinking of scanning my magazines and offering them on DVD like Mort does for his 8 bit magazines, but the shear amount of time it takes to (high quality) scan 1 issue means I would probably never have enough time to scan a full magazine run.

Also add to the fact that most Amiga magazines have hard spines instead of staples, and you can end up wrecking your magazine when you try to open it flat on the scanner.

There are still some mags which I may do when I have the time.. mags like the entire 22 issues of CD32 Gamer (all have staples! and I've got all the extras eg: cover CDs which I can archive as well), all early THE ONE issues (including coverdisks), early CU Amiga etc.

Otherwise there are a few publications which I couldn't do complete sets of, as I'm either missing some issues, some coverdisks/posters/whatever, or both.

Also I have the distinct impression that Amiga owners wouldn't be willing to pay (for the time spent scanning, see Mort's page) for a DVD of scans of magazines etc. like the C64 and Spectrum crowd do.

(and then there's still the lack of time problem).
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