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IRC free discussion?


I have been meaning to write this post for a couple of weeks but kept on forgetting.

Could somebody please clarify if the discussion on IRC is open to any topic. I had always been led to believe that it was, and although I can't see a specific topic about it here, RCK's message on the IRC sticky thread on this forum:

Originally Posted by RCK
no op & no ban here, open-mind concept
seemed to confirm so.

A couple of weeks ago though I was chatting to a few people on the IRC channel and the discussion did make it's way into a political subject. Nothing distressing was said but an EAB mod who happened to sign on to the channel informed us that we should stop as it was against the rules, and I just wanted it clarified what the rules (if any) actually are as it ended up causing a bit of tension with the mod, which wasn't anyone's aim.

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