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gg snapshot iso/cds

Not too sure if this belongs in there so mods, please relocate if appropriate.

Now, I've been doing compiling for a number of years with various installations of the gg development tree. The trouble is the available snapshots of the releases is very questionable and proven so, in some cases... grrr

So, I've been meaning to ask for some time but only know decided to make a thread inquiring about such...

Does anyone know of or have any geekgadget releases? I'm entirely sure about the names of such, but those that do will know anyway.

So if you can direct me to appropriate host or feel helpful enough to burn me one etc please do

I hope to get a gg enviroment for the classic sooner rather than later and then by the end of the year or early next year have a proper A1... hopefully faster than 1000 :P

ah, the days of old
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