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Originally Posted by Gilbert View Post
I would love to see a version of Outrun on the Amiga that is arcade perfect but with whatever frame-rate that means. Maybe 2 fps?? (the arcade runs at 30 fps, Sega Saturn version at 60fps)
Sadly, you're never going to get that as even AGA-based "classic" Amigas would likely be unable to put the required number of objects and colours on screen at once.

[CAVEAT : You *might* be able to do it on an AGA machine with a lot of complex copper palette-switching, but it would be an intellectual exercise only - 2fps would be an achievement - and a waste of effort otherwise - sorry...]

On a seperate note - Outrun arcade has the best road routine ever IMO. The way it winds and rises and falls so smoothly are just perfect. To me that game is art. I've never seen another pseudo 3d racer with such a perfect road routine.
I will admit that the effect is really good - and it should be pointed out that the arcade's road effects are all done in hardware, which is why it's as fast and smooth as it is with all the sprite scaling going on.

That said, if you have a look at this venerable (but very useful) article on the subject :

The author points out that the OutRun arcade machine's road routines suffer from what he calls the "oatmeal effect", caused by the Z-scaling being slightly off towards the centre of the screen. The author also notes elsewhere that Lotus's road routine uses a different method which fixes that effect - so in that regard, Lotus's routine is actually arguably better.

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