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It´s been my experience during tests that Blitter performance for 16 colour and Dual Playfield mode is very similar - the extra cycles used by display DMA are more or less gained back by needing fewer cycles per bob.

But this only holds both playfields show 'something' and bobs are added on top of this (doing so requires a restore step for the bobs). If you use Dual Playfield like Shatterhand has done, with one playfield for bobs and one for background graphics, then it is usually faster to use Dual Playfield mode. As he mentions, in that case you don't need to restore anything. Merely clearing will do, which tends to be cheaper to do and is less affected by bitplane DMA. Also, it makes some extra tricks for even more performance easier - such as if some/all of your bobs don't overlap.

However, the game as is doesn't seem to show that many objects. At a glance, I'd say it ought to work just fine using 16 colour mode. Though I guess it all depends on what the game is coded in and how 'heavy' the game logic is.

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