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Originally Posted by lilalurl View Post
Obviously Project-X is the far superior game.

With the voice announcer telling you which power up you can upgrade to at a specific moment ("Select now for..."), you can focus on the action AND know what you can upgrade to.

In Gradius, you are forced to look down at the text - BORING, if I wanted to read some text I'd rather read a book -, therefore losing precious milliseconds and leaving you in potential danger. But I guess it was an additional way for the developer to artificially raise the difficulty and grab your coins....

Indeed and not only that but they deliberately made the levels in Gradius short and focussed so that you get to the end of the game way too fast.

And don't even get me started on the lack of Copper gradients and pausing for nearly-eternal decrunching phases after each level. Total rubbish, I tell you
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