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Originally Posted by Shatterhand View Post
Give me one single moment on that video where the "Combination" you mention appears. It doesn't happen. Its just "One enemy attacks" , then "Another enemy attacks" and so on.
You're right.
I was pretty sure, the other day when I played it, that second wave of asteroids comes with additional enemy ships.
Now I looked at the video I posted, and don't see that.

Yeah, I see what's bothering you. Basically all the waves are same on every level, second level is maybe the worst, because some waves repeats, like 3 times, and are exactly the same.
They should have made more variations with the mixes of the waves.

I liked the bonus level though, seems to me like a good add-on, and it plays music. However, it seems incredibly hard to me. I think to memorize it, I would need 50 tries to play it.

What about Project X special edition? What's exactly the difference, is someone knows? Is it listed somewhere?
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