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I did not like X2 at all (I'm assuming you mean PSX sequel to Project X). I wanted to like it as it looked rather nice and I had enjoyed Project-X, but it had a fatal flaw. Even fully upgraded every enemy took like 10 billion hits. This was already one of the weaker points in Project-X and they upped it to 12 (1 past 11!!!!!) here.

And then there was the cheesy FMV

On topic of other interesting shooters, what did you think of Dragon Breed (or the whole 'sit on a dragon and kill stuff') genre?
I didn't like X2 either, but I really enjoyed how your ship becomes a huge mass weapon of destruction on later levels. I personally find it better than Project-X but just a little bit. It still has most of the flaws Project-X has, but at least there's a bit more of variety on it, and its weapon system is kinda fun to play with it. Since they obviously couldn't balance the weapons as pointed out in the previous game, they went like "Fuck it, give all weapons to the player". You acumulate the weapons power ups and never lose them even when you die. Around 60% of the game lenght you have powered up everything and its hilariously fun to see all that power being unleashed.

Unlike Project-X though, this one is very easy, I remember I finished it on my 2nd or 3rd try.

I enjoy Dragon Breed, and I think the Amiga port is very nice, in spite of being an Atari ST port and having the issue of "Music or SFX" which I really hate on Amiga games. I usually like what Irem made before they fucked up everything with R-Type Final

ST Dragon in the other hand I don't like as much, but its not a bad game at all. The Amiga port is also very good.

Can't remember other "Dragon riding" shmups.... Dragon Spirit maybe? Phelios? (Though I think it was a flying horse, not a dragon )... Cyvern?

Probably best, because I could write an essay on why you're wrong
Fuck it, sorry, I think I just did it. Your turn

(Seriously, I love discussing about games and I know people won't always agree with me. That's fine, just the discussion is always great to have. Different people will like different games and that's great )

EDIT: I must say writing stuff like this here really helps me out practicing my english. Sometimes I re-read what I wrote and see I wrote things wrongly or just had some difficulty at articulating my thoughts. I could explain my issues with P-X so better if I was writing in portuguese

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