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Originally Posted by Shatterhand View Post
I could write an essay about why Project-X is crap, but I think we can settle on about just disagreeeing
Probably best, because I could write an essay on why you're wrong

Have you played X2 ?
I did not like X2 at all (I'm assuming you mean PSX sequel to Project X). I wanted to like it as it looked rather nice and I had enjoyed Project-X, but it had a fatal flaw. Even fully upgraded every enemy took like 10 billion hits. This was already one of the weaker points in Project-X and they upped it to 12 (1 past 11!!!!!) here.

And then there was the cheesy FMV

On topic of other interesting shooters, what did you think of Dragon Breed (or the whole 'sit on a dragon and kill stuff') genre?
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