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No Dodonpachi on SNES. I love Last Resort though

Truxton (Tatsujin) on MD was awesome IMHO
I really don't like it too much, I find it boring as hell for most of time... for long periods you just wave left and right holding fire button and nothing exciting happens and then BLAM suddenly you die from an enemy spawning from behind. Grr. It takes like 15 minutes for the game to start getting exciting.

R-Type 3 is shitting on most other Shmups on the SNES from the top of the Mt. Everest.
Did anyone beat it on 1 credit? That level 4 is so freaking ridiculous.

Out of the box you got
Project X
Disposable Hero
Super Stardust
Sorry, but no. They can't compete. Super Startdust is a glorified Asteroids clone. It's good, but not amazing. The other 3 games...eeeh...
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