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Originally Posted by Shatterhand View Post
I never liked the Thunder Force games that much to be quite honest.
Just so we keep a little on topic , I do think Apidya could easily rank among those games. I believe Apidya is better than most of shmups on the Mega-Drive, it's an Amiga game that could had been published in a console of that era and go toe-to-toe against the japanese releases of that era. It is really an amazing shoot'em up. I will never understand how turds like Project-X or Xenon 2 ever got more attention than Apidya back at the day

(Actually, I do. Team 17 and Bitmap Brothers gamers were always overhyped on magazines and people do buy the hype ).
Thunderforce games were amazing, they were what really got me into SEU’s, maybe not your style, but they are well loved and superb games.

Apidya was just as well received and raved about in the mags back in the day, people’s perceptions of that may differ because word of mouth was stronger back then, and the whole problem with Apidya and what i believe made it not sell very well was the whole game setting and art, i mean gamers wanted space ships and planets, not plants and bumble bees! Yes we all love and rave about Apidya now because everyone has access to it, you can’t blame Project-X and Xenon II being remembered more because that’s the style art wise of SEU’s people wanted and hence they sold more.
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