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I never liked the Thunder Force games that much to be quite honest. Everything was too fast, like "Oh look at this ene... what the fuck it's alread off screen", weapon balance is shit but, most importantly, the game is a heavy memorization fest but unlike R-Type, with a very easy execution on a very fast setup.

I look at TF3 and TF4 on Mega-Drive and I am astonished with what they achieved technically-wise, but gameplay wise they are just "meh" to me.

For "original" Mega-Drive shmups, Gynoug (Or "Wings of Wor" as it was names for your Europeans ) is just unbeatable and it's an extremely underappreciated game. Eliminate Down and Gaiares are also awesome.

Also agree with what has been said about the SNES pad. I really hate that thing. Sega controllers were WAY better IMO... that 3D Sega Saturn controller (I have 2 of them) IMO is the best controller ever, I love its grip, the dpad is magically awesome, button arrangement is perfect....I love playing with the Saturn and much of the love comes from using that amzingly good controller.

And as Consoles for Shmups, I'd say it goes:

Saturn > PC-Engine > Dreamcast > Mega-Drive . Though yeah ,both the Saturn and Dreamcast are just filled with Arcade ports. Great, awesome arcade ports

The SNES *does* have a very good library of Shmups too, even though on a smaller number. Konami made some very good ones on it, with Axelay IMO being the weakest of them (even though... yeah, all arcade ports. Gokujyou Parodius, Jikkyo Oshaberi Parodius, Parodius Da!, Pop 'n' Twinbee, Gradius III....). Then you have Super Aleste (or Space Megaforce, whatever), R-Type 3, UN Squadron, Sonic Wings, Phalanx, Imperium.... I mean, it can't compete with the Mega-Drive library, but it's still a solid one. (Though IMO Gokujyou Parodius is better than anything the Mega-Drive has to offer. I really think that game is freaking brilliant. Alas... it's hard to not say the Konami library is missed on the Mega-Drive, all Konami shmups on SNES are brilliant,even with full of slowdown sometimes )


Just so we keep a little on topic , I do think Apidya could easily rank among those games. I believe Apidya is better than most of shmups on the Mega-Drive, it's an Amiga game that could had been published in a console of that era and go toe-to-toe against the japanese releases of that era. It is really an amazing shoot'em up. I will never understand how turds like Project-X or Xenon 2 ever got more attention than Apidya back at the day

(Actually, I do. Team 17 and Bitmap Brothers gamers were always overhyped on magazines and people do buy the hype ).
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