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Trying to find missing Magnetic Fields Demo


I am trying to find a demo by Magnetic Fields which is very like Copper Mosaic 2.

It was very like Copper Mosaic 2 except I am sure that it had a sine wave scroller with white text:
It used the same tune mod.ramboloader

I remember it being on a compilation but I can't find it in my archive of disks which I converted to DMS and ADF format in about 1998.

When I converted my disks I found later that about 10 had been corrupted by DMS when using Heavy 2 Compression. I only used ADF format after that and converted my DMS disk images to ADF at that point. I had since scrapped most of my original floppy disks.

There is one disk image which I cannot find which is corrupted and may contain the demo. It is called ANARMF90.DMS
The disk image doesn't boot but the Volume Label is:
Anarchy... NO HOSTAGES!!

Does anyone know what demo this is? I can't find it online but by the name it sounds like an Anarchy\Magnetic Fields demo that may contain the screen I am looking for.
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