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Originally Posted by britelite View Post
Games were never released on cartridges for Amiga, so I would consider it as much cheating as utilizing memory expansions.
Floppy disks were cheaper so it was an obvious choice. "Choice" being the key word. At least the computer was capable of game-cartridges if manufacturers bothered. It's no different to what Sega/Nintendo/Old-Atari were doing so how is it cheating really? It evens up the storage/loading side of things. I think it's fair.

Originally Posted by britelite View Post
And at least utilizing fast ram wouldn't make the game incompatible with anything else than an A500.
Why would that matter if the motivation behind it is only to prove a specific model was as (if not more) capable than it's counterparts (Arcade/Consoles) had publishers chosen a cartridge instead of floppy.

(A500) That's all these discussions are ever about, usually.
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