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Originally Posted by rothers View Post
You would not really need a multi-disk game but you could have it pause after say level 2 to do the new zoom rendering. If I was coding it I'd have probably had the car pull over for a 'pitstop' or 'refuel' while that happened.

There are a lot of ways you could approach this. With some pauses you could get very close to the MD version which was a decent port.
As long as we're talking about Consoles (Cartridge) & Arcades (ROM) we might as well even up the playing field and make use of the side-port for a cartridge of up to 5MB (comparable to the technology used in the day).

If SNES/Genesis players were happy to spend their parents' money on ~5MB cartridges then why can't we use the same tech to prove how capable the Amiga truly was.
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