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You could not get a PERFECT port but you could get pretty close, about as good as Lotus2.

I'd approach it by rendering the zoomed graphics on boot in to RAM, I'd concentrate on having the first level as close to the arcade as possible then reduce it from there on in.

You would not really need a multi-disk game but you could have it pause after say level 2 to do the new zoom rendering. If I was coding it I'd have probably had the car pull over for a 'pitstop' or 'refuel' while that happened.

There are a lot of ways you could approach this. With some pauses you could get very close to the MD version which was a decent port.

Would need 1MB min though.

Certainly the Amiga is capable of a WAY better conversion than it got. Way way way better. But what we got was an ST conversion.
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