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Originally Posted by demolition View Post
I can understand why someone would want to buy a product that they can just hook up to the TV, power on and start playing without hassle. But I don't get the point of putting a fake keyboard on it.
Well i guess this was for price reasons, as someone said a full version with working keyboard is coming.

Originally Posted by Retro-Nerd View Post
What i would like to see is a high quality FPGA like the Super NT in a proper case with keyboard. A new Amiga with all legacy ports but modern ports too, like HDMI and USB. Well, Amiga Reloaded from icomp. Maybe.
So would i, but general consumers wouldnt pay the amount this would cost, only software emulation via an ARM chip would be cheap enough to sell, but i guess this will never happen with the sad state of the Amigas IPs.
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