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Originally Posted by Amigajay View Post
Why not? Its not intended for people who have Amigas, these mini devices are for nostalgia ridden people who dont want all the hassle of buying old hardware or all the pain of kickstarts, disk images and pc usage that emulation brings, exactly why the nes and snes mini consoles have sold millions is proof of that.
I can understand why someone would want to buy a product that they can just hook up to the TV, power on and start playing without hassle. But I don't get the point of putting a fake keyboard on it.

That joystick looks a lot like a C64DTV so a teardown would indeed be very interesting. The DTV was a proper ASIC design and a modern version of that with HDMI output would be nice. Then if the joystick is lousy, one could just pull out the board inside to get to the C64 which can hopefully be modded as much as a real C64DTV.
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