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I don't mind stirring things up with our American cousins.

Words get added to the English language everyday. That's not a problem, it's necessary. English has been shaped by lots of other languages. But then we have a history that goes back just a bit further than the Americans (unless you count the indiginous tribes, who now make up a tiny percentage of the population and probably feel rather aggrieved about the whole thing). The fact that American 'English' uses the same word to describe the same thing... but they spell it differently is somewhat amusing and annoying at the same time. IMHO of course. Then they call it English. If I become fluent in French, German, Spanish or even Martian... I spell the words as the French, Germans, Spaniards or Martians spell it. Otherwise it's something different. If you pinch our language and bastardise it, you deserve to have G W Bush as a president! He should start using the swastiker instead of the Eagle!

And in England, an ass is a donkey, not a body part. Get used to it.

End of moan. Please direct any foul language somewhere else!

I've never even sent a letter to an Amiga mag, so the chances of it being published are pretty remote!
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