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Originally Posted by Turran View Post
I dont think we understand each other. If the user "Turbo" tries to add an EAB FTP account, he is going to be denied because is going to report
print("* Found more than one user: " + username), when he indeed has a valid EAB Forums account.
This is because there are three other usernames also containing "Turbo" (RobTurbo, Turbo2Xs & TurboCrash).
No, it will report "User not found" and "exit 1", same as if the name was incorrect, in my previous edited post.

We have no way to get the postcount from the user "Turbo" using the existing script, therefor he can not create an FTP account, even though he is a valid user (Well, he does not exist right now. Its just an example).
If user "Turbo" gives more than one hit he is not a valid EAB forum user, or he entered the user name incomplete, my previous Bourne shell example handles this correctly using the exit/result code (-ne 0 / != 0).

Perhaps you posted your reply while I was editing my previous post to add another example?

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