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Originally Posted by Turran View Post
So try getting the postcount for "Turbo". You cant since the result is only "More then one user found".

We need to go through the results if its more then one, and only when it finds an exact match, report the postcount. If no exact match is found then return "user not found".

Otherwise, the user "Turbo" can never register an EAB FTP account since we can not check the postcount =)
Look at my shell script example again.


OK, here's another example, checking of exit code is "not equal" to zero.

if test $RTN -ne 0 ; then
    # user name not found or incomplete (more than one)
    echo "User not found"
    exit 1
# we have a valid user name
# do your stuff here
echo "Post count: $OUTPUT"

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