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Originally Posted by Irek´72 View Post
No, it does not bother me.
Coolio, cheers
Originally Posted by Irek´72 View Post
I just had some Problems with the older version. The new one works fine on my setup. In the older version the main character looks very weird, everytime if you shot, his body separated in the middle.
Take a look at the screenshot below
This is why I've been a bit confused regarding your original report...

...there are no "old" and then "new" files. meynaf released his original "arctic.lzx" file and that's it

The only update to that was Flashtro's trainer, which you are not using...

Originally Posted by meynaf View Post
Odd. Never seen that before and I didn't really do several versions of the game...
Perhaps this has again something to do with the trainer
Nope, nothing to do with the trained version either...

I have had exactly the same issue that Irek´72 showed above with your original files.

For me (from memory), this occurred when running via WinUAE with obviously an AGA configuration and "Cycle-exact" ticked plus then:

a) Starting the game, playing until death.
b) Re-starting the game and then when shooting the exact same issue as what Irek´72 reports occurred.

Turned off "Cycle-exact" and the issue is no more
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