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Originally Posted by IrekĀ“72 View Post
A very successful conversion, thank you meynaf for your work. I really like to play games like these because it reminds me of the good old times in amusement arcades. Unfortunately I have to admit that in the beginning I had some problems with this game on my setup. The game did not worked from my HD and even the ADF version had an GFX error with the main Character. But now it seems that the errors of previous versions have been repaired, this induced me to create a HD version for myself, (with a new and OS3,5 Icon include). I have tested it on my A1200/40/128MB and it worked without problems. So I hope it will run on other configuration from the workbench too.
If you experience problems such as gfx errors then try copying the whole game to Ram Disk and run it from there. If it then works fine, it indicates that you have a MaxTransfer problem on your HD.
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