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Originally Posted by DamienD View Post
I can replicate the issue that AmigaBill reported:

It only happens:

a) If using the Flashtro files.
b) You run "Arctic" without running the "Trainer" first.

The game starts, you press <fire> (or watch the intro), select "Mission 1" --> "Start" and then it crashes...

Don't worry my friend; absolutely nothing at all wrong with your awesome port

...or the Flashtro trainer either, but if you are using this you do definitely need to run the "Trainer" first (even if you don't select any options)
I just tried run the package with the trainer just as DamienD explained using my real A1200 and it worked perfectly. Thanks so much for clarifying that you need to run the trainer first. That was the solution to my problem. NOTE TO NTSC USERS: I had to boot my NTSC A1200 in PAL mode in order for the trainer to run.

Originally Posted by meynaf View Post
I nevertheless don't like this, as anyone watching AmigaBill's video will think the game port is itself broken. Perhaps i should have explicitly forbidden any exe tampering in the readme... :based
Damn, I didn't think about this - sorry. I was just so excited to show people your hard work I was hoping it would run. Hopefully people won't blame the port, because it could have been something with my Amiga configuration as well other variables. As we learned there is nothing wrong with your awesome port. I should have been educated by DamienD first ;-) Best way I can fix this is to do another stream and show them the proper way to run it. Stay tuned!
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