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Originally Posted by meynaf View Post
Looks like the executable has been damaged or tampered with.

Let's first check this : get the original archive from my site, then extract it in RAM: (preferably with latest lzx program from aminet) and run it from there unmodified.
If it works then the cause should be easy to find (else we're in a nasty mess ).
I can replicate the issue that AmigaBill reported:

It only happens:

a) If using the Flashtro files.
b) You run "Arctic" without running the "Trainer" first.

The game starts, you press <fire> (or watch the intro), select "Mission 1" --> "Start" and then it crashes...

Don't worry my friend; absolutely nothing at all wrong with your awesome port

...or the Flashtro trainer either, but if you are using this you do definitely need to run the "Trainer" first (even if you don't select any options)
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