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Excuse my ignorance, folks, but something has been puzzling me and not just about Redpill but about Amiga game creators in general.

They have pretty insane system requirements - 1MB Chip+Fast RAM, 68020+ etc for games that wouldn't require much more than a regular A500 even had they been written in Blitz originally. I understand that the extra layer of abstraction the game maker runtime brings, and on a PC it wouldn't matter - hellish fast PCs are common now. But fast Amigas are really not common.

So is there any reason that these game makers, instead of relying on a runtime "interpreter" for their user-created game data cannot spit out say, raw Blitz code and assets and then launch the Blitz compiler to create their binaries?

Distribution issues aside (which I'm sure could be overcome) this would lower system requirements considerably and remove the need for a runtime environment or library?
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