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A500+ / A600 / A1200 - Compatible Floppy Disks - Games List

came to point out that relokick 1.4a worked a treat. it was actually included on the software CD that game with my gotek so that was pretty painless.

Out of curioisty....does a list exist of all the games that require relokick? or even just a year of which games started to become incompatible? ive been testing games upon games for days and ive come across a lot that dont work, and this is probably why. too many to remember :x

EDIT* It appears my post was the one that has inherited OP in this new thread, so a simple explanation to follow; -

This is a thread for the purposes of creating and maintaining a list of system compatibility for various games released across the various amiga systems. It was born from me initally wanting a list of games that required Relokick for me to run on my standard a600. You will find the list itself a few posts down.

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