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Greetings Prowler, thank you for the warm greeting! It seems everyone on this board is very nice and not really full of ego which is great.

I will check the schematic and see if I can change the drive select to work. I would however would have thought that the unit would have worked straight up on my external port of my A500 when I use that DF0/DF1 switchboard but it doesnt seem to work.

The reason I am trying to get this to work is that I am thinking of getting one of that Analogic CD32 floppy expansions that are on Ebay right now and hacking it to work with the floppy emulator rather than the floppy drive that is currently in it.

Has anyone had any success in making an interface for the HxC Floppy Emulator to an external floppy port?

Thank you again for your insight it is greatly appreciated.
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