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Installing Workbench 3.0 onto a HD

Am I right in thinking that "installing" WB3.0 basically means copying over each disk into the System boot partition?

I was using the tool from Amiga Kit on the OS-Install disk, but it seems to be copying rather than installing.

For example, the fonts from the fonts floppy are just all over the parent directory of System, seems ugly, but I can't remember if that's how thing where / looked back in 1993!

Also, do I need to have KS3.1 to install WB3.1?

I'm looking to build a clean system for a WHDLoad install and thinking of buying KS 3.1.4 and WB 3.1.4, but really, is there much of a need to do that?

p.s. Thread should probably be moved to support->other.


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