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OCS/ECS Playfields - blitting objects using colours 16-31?


Wasn't sure which to post this in but as I'll be working on this in Blitz, we'll go with here, also not sure how to title this so we'll also go with what I have

So I want to create dual playfields and I can work with the copper and 3bpp per bitplane happily for the foreground and background art. But when it comes to enemy design, using the foreground's colours will be, a shame to say the least, but I'm guessing if instead of using sprites, any blits to the foreground bitmap are limited to the 3bpp.

Is there any way that you can blit 'somehow' with the shape using the unused colour registers 16-31?

I think I know the answer (no )

Otherwise I was going to somehow make use of attached sprites, but they are limiting, especially when I wanted to create a 32px wide character with attached sprites (that's 2 of my attached 4 gone!), and then multiplex the use of the last 2.

It's the only way I can think of doing this, and I really want to make this OCS/ECS compatible.

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