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Originally Posted by grond View Post
It's a fact that Hyperion are notorious for being bankrupt.
And you are notorious for drawing the wrong conclusions due to false information, or at least putting the wrong weight on the number of rumors you're falsely taking as information.

As Matthey already pointed out, bankruptcy did not happen. It was an administrative mishap that - within Belgian legislation - automatically starts a bankruptcy case. This is first-hand information.

Originally Posted by grond View Post
In any case, I don't believe they put any money into the deal.
Originally Posted by grond View Post
Is this clear enough about the speculative nature of what I'm writing?
Clear enough that you are playing the game "I want to know something, but can't get the answer, so I state something ridiculous, and someone will put it right, then I have my answer".

This is not working. Stop speculating, start respecting all parties involved in the deal.

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