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Had a look at the readme and it makes a bit more sense.

Export samples to mod file
Use Save -> Export Samples to mod
Select a mod file in the file dialog.
ATTENTION: All sample data will be overwritten !!

Export to Amiga executable
Use Save -> Export executable
Select a mod file in the file dialog.
Now the "exemusic.exe" can be found in the sub-folder "exe_creator"

Export to Amiga binary
Use Save -> Export binary
Now the "a.mingw.bin" can be found in the sub.folder "exe_creator"

Demo coders can use this binary as described here:
The binary contains relocatable code. Put it in memory where you want. 
You need an own player and the mod song data, since the binary just contains the sample render code.
It needs following adresses in registers:
a0: startaddress where to render the samples to chipmem .
a1: startaddress of a temporary render buffer (32768 byte)
a2: startaddress of external samples (if used. Include Ismp.raw)
a4: address where the synth puts the rendering progress (e.g. for a progressbar)
The first two make sense. Looks like it exports the samples as full wave forms (taking up mod space) into a standard mod. Then you could I guess play that back with anything you like.

Second is a standalone amiga binary. Makes sense.

The third looks like instead of saving the samples, it creates a piece of code you can run from within your demo to generate the samples on the fly. That would make it good for small 64k like productions as I'm assuming that the precalc code is a lot smaller than saving the final waveforms in your prod.

I'm just a bit confused what you do with the samples once you've precalced them. How do you convert say the p61a replayer to use those samples?
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