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Originally Posted by CubeTheory View Post
Yeah, it wasn't immediately clear to me from the data sheet that loading up the 5v rail would bring the others in spec, but reading that the RT-50B would require this on the 12v rail concerned me a little. so thanks again for that.
If you look at the block diagrams in the datasheets it will usually show you which rails are used for the feedback circuit, and therefore which ones are depending on the correct load for regulation and which are simply slaved of another rail. It might still be a good idea to load the 12V rail as required, but it won't affect the regulation.

Originally Posted by Hewitson View Post
I would have avoided the plate because it's unnecessary. A simple wire would have sucfficed, although I don't believe the FG is intended to be connected to ground.
I use a plate in most of the conversions I do, but more for mechanical reasons. A plate lets you mount the module securely while still using the original PSU case screw pillars. These modules connect earth to ground internally (and usually have a significant conductor area dedicated to it), so it is intended, and doesn't need a wire (or plate) for electrical purposes.
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