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Originally Posted by Daedalus View Post
Nice job. Commodore's PSUs seem inconsistent in this regard - some connect the earth through to ground, others don't. But the Meanwell units are designed for earth connection so that's fine.
Thanks for clarifying. I've not modded the connector and cable in anyway, so it was interesting to discover that they were wired up differently.

Originally Posted by Daedalus View Post
Yeah, it is nice having a fused appliance plug, but it would be poor practice to rely exclusively on that when you're powering equipment that can't handle the current further downstream. In this case, the on-board fuses are ideal for the extra protection you need.

The regulation on that and similar models of Meanwell is based on the 5V rail, so once that reaches the minimum load, all the rails should be in spec. The other rails having a minimum load may simply be to do with power ratings of individual parts - not having the load there might drive some parts beyond their specification. It's hard to know what the long-term results of this might be, bug I've been running similar setups (not necessarily for Amigas) for many years with no ill effects.
Yeah, it wasn't immediately clear to me from the data sheet that loading up the 5v rail would bring the others in spec, but reading that the RT-50B would require this on the 12v rail concerned me a little. so thanks again for that.
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