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New Scans for HOL...

Hi Guys, I made the following things for HOL and packed it on the server.

Big Game Fishing - 4 Screenshots

Bridge Player 2000 with Tutor . Box Disks Manual, 6 Screenshots (has not really graphics)

Ultimate Soccer Manager Midseeason ECS - 6 Screenshots

Ultimate Soccer Manager Midseeason AGA - 6 Screenshots

Rockford Arcadia ECS . Disk und Manual

Ringside EAS - Box Disk Manual Sticker o EAS Version

Omni Play Basketball - All Covers Manuals, Cards, Screenschots

Omni Play Horse Racing - All Covers Manuals Cards, Diskscan, Screenshots


Hattrick! AGA from Ikarion - Screenshots, Disksscan Order and Delivery Form.
The AGA Version of 8 Disks was only available via Ikarion to order.
For 20 Marks you can change the 5 Disk ECS Version to the 8 Disks AGA.
It was never sold in the market and of course has no Box.
The entries in HOL about the 5 Disk Version has AGA is wrong.
It is just ECS/OCS on HD or 10 Disks to install for playing.
The 8 Disk AGA Version just playable via HD.

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