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Well, since I've never even seen a 4000 in real life, I can say this with confidence, better advice will be coming soon, (if everyone isn't too jealous that is).

I'll offer some thoughts in the meantime. Since you suspect the PSU, I would try removing all the expansions and see how it behaves bare bones. This'll also give you a better look at the mainboard for battery/capacitor damage. Reseating CPU card and RAM seems like a good plan too.

Any IDE drive should be compatible connector wise with at most an adaptor for 44pin to 40+power conversion. Getting an amiga to correctly use the full size of large hard discs is another matter. There are lots of posts about that here. Somewhere there is a pretty definitive guide to exactly which hardware/filesystems/OS device/software is needed to support hard discs of whatever size.

A 4Gb CF card should be a safe place to start. All you need is the appropriate IDE-CF adaptor to match the connector type of the 4000s IDE. These adaptors are dead cheap, all they really have to do is break out the wires
since CF interface is supposed to be electronically/logically the same as IDE.

I wonder if a full on toaster system like this might have software and/or registration keys etc. on the original scsi disc which would be hard or impossible to replace? Even if that disc appears to be toast, (sorry ), you can probably attempt to mount it in winUAE using a PC, since you say you have a bunch of other scsi gear. Give you a chance to poke around for licence keys and stuff. Probably a good plan to try and image the whole disc before it dies forever. WinUAE makes this very easy.

Good luck, (if you have any left after scoring this system)

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