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Originally Posted by john4p View Post
You need an average of almost 22k per day to get above 150k. I can only get that in the first few days. Should've done some savestate-practicing of the later days.
Yeah, 22K/day might seem a lot for the whole week, but I find it is not so difficult, since
a) you can get always get a lot of points in the bonus track (each target is 250, iirc), which stays the same through the days
b) in the later stages you have more targets to shoot (workers etc) and even if you don't have a lot of subscribers left, the paper in the mailbox is 500 pts (and you have the rest of the papers left), while a perfectly smashed up house with 8 papers is 800 points (and no papers). So it pays more to vandalise, than to do some honest work. Precious life lessons here!

I found it more difficult to actually survive while point-hunting, since I barely managed to complete the game with only 1 life left, while I usually have 3 left, with a more casual playthrough.
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