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Hi folks been a while since i report in.

"Saudações de Viseu"

My Amiga setup is mostly inside a box mummified with a plastic so it wont go yellow, i love that pristine look like it was bought yesterday.
Only comes out of hibernation once or twice a year, this week is being used by my 5 year old daughter,still not easy to convince her to play games with a mouse, since she´s only used to scrub her fingers across the tablet screen.

Anyway i have a A1200 (in mint condition)

Blizzard 1230 with 32 mbytes RAM
Indivision AGA 1200
40Gbytes Hard Drive
512 Mbytes Slot Card to transfer data to PC.
17 Inch Flat Screen (with speakers)

Plus 1 Maverick Joystick and 2 other gamepads i modified to work with amiga.
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