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Originally Posted by earok View Post
Hi all,

You read it here first!

I've been contacted by the IP holder of a classic Amiga game, I'm not at liberty to say which company or game yet, but it is:

- Very well received with a score of around 8 on Lemon Amiga and the majority of magazine scores above 90%
- Works on the CD32 fine without cracks or HD loaders
- Doesn't require mouse, keyboard and doesn't save to disk

They're interested in doing a small run of an official conversion to CD32, boxed with a printed CDs and physical manuals. The game itself will probably be the same but we may perhaps add a CDXL video or two.

What they're not sure of yet is how many they'd be able to sell, given the small number of CD32 users - anyone have any clue how many? They were thinking in the region of 250 but I thought that might be a bit too optimistic (though maybe there's a few collectors that would buy it even if they're not actively using their CD32).
is CD32-Emu not integrated in WinUAE?
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