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I'm already working on version 1.1 of the toolkit, which will include a version specifically for the AMIGA CD32 and one for all other AGA AMIGAs.

I reorganized the toolkit's folder structure a little to prepare support for running the toolkit from the Workbench rather than having it boot automatically on turning on your AMIGA, which might be feature sought after by quite a few users I suppose. Both ways of running the toolkit will be supported. It would be nice if someone contributed a nice-looking icon for AMS

I also dropped the idea of using an archive to move some AMS data to the RAM disk for caching purposes. It seems to have been a meander. Using the 147 data file bundles provided with the toolkit I compared a 1.0 build and a 1.1 build of the same CD. The CD created with version 1.1 of the toolkit took 10 seconds less to boot than the 1.0 counterpart. Quite some gain. Everything is read directly from the CD now with some changes made to AMS's source code to make up for the CD drive's slower seek times.

Please share your impressions of the toolkit, report bugs and make suggestions for improvements.

I hope you're enjoying the toolkit,

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