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Great. Many thanks for the reply man, really appreciate it!

Originally Posted by BMD View Post
Yes either 68881 or 68882 FPU, thats the right socket and either the short or longer oscillator will work 50Mhz make sure the Mhz matches the FPU speed, just get the same socket. Orientation! Make sure you have pin one of the FPU on the Y looking gold part of the FPU to pin one and the pointed square end of the oscillator matching up with the square print on the board weather its the smaller or longer one. Easy peasy, just keep your soldering tight inbetween the FPU pins and cleanup good afterwards. It works soon as its soldered in, you might have to ACASetWaitStates w=0 or W=1 to see which preforms better.

After its set it wont change on a reset so its a non-volitile setting by power cycle.
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