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Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
There is HUGE amount of internal state information that would need to be saved and restored if bitmap or sprite or copper DMA is active. Beginning of frame is the easiest position to handle. (audio, disk and blitter still needs to be saved and restored and it is already too complex)

It is not going to happen, it would also make statefiles practically incompatible between versions. Saved information would not anymore contain actual emulated hardware state but some emulator internal variables that keep changing between versions. And complexity of already complex bitplane and sprite emulation would get even more complex to support restoring state to midle of scanline.
Am I right to assume you mean that it won't happen without massive external help to re-architecture how emulator state is handled so that Amiga-related state data and emulation-specific state data are separated? (State file incompatibility problems aside.)

And if so, would you mind a hand in assisting in this re-architecture?
Note that this is not a proposal, I have my hands full with my current project but I am very curious about UAE's architecture and it's something I might be interested in in the future so I thought it didn't hurt to ask.
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