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Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
Yeah, I need to know if the tape has multiple files (with filemark between them) and the order of files. Block size has to be 512 because Amix always uses 4 block read commands (same from HD too) and DMAC is programmed for 2048 byte transfers.

Your file listing does not match downloadable tape image (it only has 9 files), also documentation simply dd's big single image to tape which does not create original file if original had filemarks.

Filemark emulation is more complex than single file and I want to do this exactly right
From the 2.01 zip listing: list.cpio is the archive which contains the listing. That's the first file on the tape. The remaining files are in the order as given in the List file. To unpack the list.cpio archive to get the List plain text file use a command like this: cat list.cpio | cpio -i

On the actual tape, I assume there is one filemark after each file, possibly with two filemarks after the last file. (Amix might not care whether there are two filemarks at the end.) From the filenames, you should be able to write each of the files in the 2.01 archive (in the correct order) as-is to a tape. [Whoever created the 2.01 archive named the two compressed files ending in .gz, but they are actually compressed with the UNIX compress command, not gzip. Either way, don't decompress those before writing to tape. Note the "zcat=y" in the List file corresponding to the two compressed files.]

For the 2.03 archive, it seems whoever created that compressed all the files with gzip. You'll need to decompress them before writing to a tape. Except for the last two files which (hopefully) are unchanged, still compressed with UNIX compress (conventional file extension would be .Z), and not re-compressed with gzip. You can use the "file" program in Linux to check. But unpack the file listing (in i_01.cpio.gz) and double-check which files are compressed or not.
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