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Originally Posted by Predseda View Post

game I see in the video has a great potential. Be ambitios, please.
I was thinking that some aliens are hostile others you talk to them, but you need to learn their language first to talk to them. There are different types of aliens and these ones in video are the low level in the food chain and most common you see. There are beast aliens and even plant aliens. You inventory system and ability to drag and drop items from the body of the dead alien to your inventory as long as you have space and able to carry it.

Each alien (whether humanoid or beast have their own special AI and attacks and best way to defeat them). The atmosphere of this planet are suited for the native species but not for have certain limit of oxygen and you need first as you land on this planet to discover way to replenish your supplies of oxygen. First mission in an alien planet is find means to keep yourself alive from the elements and the environment before how to survive from the beasts and aliens from this planet. There are different cities and towns from these aliens and some are in war with other and you somehow popped yourself in between the aliens...problems.

Your ship have crashed here and you need to find your way out of this rock. So first thing is find means to constantly replenish your oxygen, next make friends with the different factions of the aliens or cities so you can get help from them to leave this rock but you need to first find ways to learn their different languages after finding means to replenishing your oxygen supply.

There will be full dialog between NPCs, some may even join you, there will be quests, complex AI, special whether for this planet, inventory system, NPC scheduling, ability to drop and pick item (where you dropped it), etc.

I think those above systems would make this ONE SUPERB GAME!!! IT WOULD BE LIKE DIABLO BUT FOR OCS AMIGA heheh!!

What do you say OP? What do you say?

Ooooh while you are at it...can you please make a full fledged construction set tool for this game? With this tool you can make your game easier and allow others to make their own RPG game using it and sharing it with the community. What do you think?
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