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Originally Posted by DrBong
Probably, but difficult to tell when an Apollo card is involved
The Apollo 1260/75MHz was sold solely by Eyetech. It was an appalling waste of space, even more so than the "normal" 50MHz and 66MHz boards. It did not have an FPU, as the highest-rated 060 FPU was 66MHz. This meant that the majority of 060-specific software wouldn't even attempt to run, and most of the software that didn't check for the FPU just crashed as soon as it had loaded.

In theory, the board sounded like a good idea - it was faster than any other Amiga accelerator, and was roughly £50 cheaper than the Apollo 1260/50MHz. However, its utter uselessness outweighed any possible benefits.

An 060 board that won't run 060 software? I'll take two!

I have the driver disk for it around here somewhere - yes, I was tempted by its cheapness and bought one; yes, I sent it back and replaced it with a 66MHz board instead; and yes, I regretted ever even considering buying an Apollo board until I finally got shot of both of them.
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