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Originally Posted by britelite View Post
The specs of the graphics format you claim to have extracted.
The specs ? Chunky bitmap (read : PC pixel image format), arbitrary size as opposed to the planar tiles 8x8 also used by the boards.

Ok, then show me how the "21 million" colours are defined in those graphics assets.

But still, you're not answering where you get that "21 million" figure from.


This of course might explain why you seem to think the hardware handles more colors than it does, as the video output will have artifacts resulting in more colors. For example, a C64 handles and outputs 16 colors but the video signal will have way more due to composite artifacts.
Ok, even in mame, if you take a screenshot, you'll get it in millions of colors as well.

This because the only mode able to support the amount of colors is this one.

when a game uses 100.000 colors, you must use the 16 millions colors mode at least.
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