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Originally Posted by britelite View Post
I'm sure you're not joking, but I still don't buy it. I do want some proof of this claim, as 21 million colors doesn't make any sense.

Wikipedia says the Sega X Board the games is based on has a color palette of 98,304 colors. Same goes for

So I'm really interested where you get your numbers from, as I'm more inclined to believe the specs I referenced than your random numbers.


Alright, show me the specs of this format
The specs ? The sega system boards, whatever they are are basically mixing Planar tiles with chunky bitmap graphics.

those chunky bitmap graphics can be sprites, background or scene parts.

the proof : I have extracted most of all shinobi arcade graphic assets. and also some others like Hang-on and Super Hang On.

richard himself said this :

"The bitmap graphics were grabbed from the arcade PCB video output by Andy Heike and Nick Vincent with the colour frame grabber, and the sprites were read, decoded and converted from the arcade machine's Eproms by me. (Not a bit of bloody help from Sega either!)

They were remapped from 21 million to 16 colours by Andy Heike, Nick Vincent, and some students in Manchester.
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